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Bijur Delimon Lubrication

Bijur Delimon Lubrication is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality lubrication systems and components.They offer a wide range of products, including سیستم های روانکاری متمرکز, manual lubrication equipment, automatic lubricators, spray systems, and lubrication accessories.

bijur spray lubrication system

Opening Gear Lubrication System

The open-gear spray سیستم روغن کاری is used in industries like steel, mining, and power plants to cool and lubricate big gear pairs. It’s commonly found in equipment such as ball mills, rod mills, and rotary kilns. The system includes a setup with two lines and four nozzles for spraying the lubricant. This setup consists of a pump, control components, a programmable controller, a control panel, pipelines, and accessories. The important parts of this system are made by FAVAL, a trusted company from the United States.

سیستم روغنکاری مه روغن

Air And Oil lubricating سیستم is designed to provide efficient precise oil lubrication for high-speed spindles and surfaces and cooling the parts as well.

روانکاری مه روغن بیجور
L hand pump

فشار: 0.48،XNUMX،XNUMXMPa
مخزن: 0.5 لیتر
خروجی: M8

sz-1 grease hand pump

Reservoir:0.4L And 1L
ترشح: 1ml/سکته مغزی

sm controller

حالت: 4 حالت
Alarm:Pressure and level

versa 3 6L oil lubrication pump

تخلیه: 216 میلی لیتر در دقیقه
مخزن: 6 لیتر
قدرت: 35W
ولتاژ: 220V

پمپ روغن کاری 3 2 کیلوگرمی

تخلیه: 108 میلی لیتر در دقیقه
مخزن: 2 لیتر
قدرت: 20W
ولتاژ: 220V

پمپ روغن کاری 3 3 کیلوگرمی

تخلیه: 108 میلی لیتر در دقیقه
مخزن: 3 لیتر
قدرت: 20W
ولتاژ: 220V

پمپ روغن کاری 3 4 کیلوگرمی

تخلیه: 220 میلی لیتر در دقیقه
مخزن: 4 لیتر
قدرت: 35W
ولتاژ: 220V

bsb dual line bijur grease pump
BM-B خط دوتایی گریس پمپ

مخزن: 8 لیتر / 15 لیتر / 30 لیتر
ولتاژ: 380 ولت / 440 ولت
Option:Level Switch&Pressure Switch

cs bijur grease pump

تخلیه: 3 میلی لیتر در دقیقه
قدرت: 60W
خروجی: 1-3
ولتاژ: AC220V
Level switch option
Timer:Outside زمان سنج

Bijur Delimon Hand Lubrication Pump (4)

Bijur Delimon Electrical Lubrication Pump (5)

بیجور واحدهای متر (4)

bijur product assembled
Bijur Delimon | FAVAL

Igniting Precision, Fueling Efficiency

ijur Delimon is a leading global manufacturer of سیستم ها و اجزای روغن کاری for various industries. The company specializes in designing, manufacturing, and supplying a wide range of innovative سیستم های روغن کاری, including automated lubrication systems, manual grease guns, oilers, and pumps.

Their products are widely used in industries such as automotive, mining, steel, food processing, and many others to ensure the عملکرد صاف and longevity of machinery and equipment. Bijur Delimon’s lubrication systems help reduce friction and wear, protect against corrosion, and improve overall عملکرد تجهیزات.

One of their core offerings is automated سیستم های روغن کاری, which are designed to provide precise and consistent lubrication to critical machine components. These systems typically consist of a central control unit, distribution lines, metering devices, and lubrication points. The central control unit monitors and controls the lubrication process, ensuring that each lubrication point receives the right amount of lubricant at the right time.

Bijur Delimon also offers a wide range of manual lubrication tools, such as گریس guns and oilers, which are suitable for smaller-scale applications or areas where automation may not be necessary. These tools provide users with the flexibility to apply lubricants manually to specific points as needed.

In addition to their high-quality products, Bijur Delimon provides comprehensive technical support and services to help their customers with system design, installation, and maintenance. They have a global network of distributors and service centers, enabling them to serve customers around the world effectively.

What's The Relationship Of The Isohitech Lubrication And Bijur Delimon?

The relationship between Isohitech Lubrication and Bijur Delimon is one of mutual benefit and collaboration. Isohitech utilizes Bijur Delimon’s products in many of its high-standard projects. The reason for this is that Bijur Delimon has established a strong reputation for manufacturing quality lubrication products that meet the demands of various industries around the world. Isohitech recognizes the reliability and performance of Bijur Delimon’s offerings, making it a preferred choice in their applications. This partnership allows Isohitech to deliver top-notch solutions, while Bijur Delimon gains wider exposure and trust in the market through Isohitech’s reputable projects.

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