شیر فشار YKQ-SB

  1. Adjustable pressure:10Mpa-40Mpa
  2. ولتاژ: AC220V
  3. Two Pressure gauge and indicator pin

The YKQ pressure is located at the end of the main pipe.When the pressure reach the setting pressure,the valve will send the signal to the controller.

مدل حداکثر فشار فشار کاری ولتاژ وزن
YKQ-105-SB 10Mpa 10 ± 5 MP MPa -220VAC 1.5kgs
YKQ-205-SB 20Mpa 20 ± 5 MP MPa
YKQ-320-SB 31.5Mpa 31.5 ± 5 MP MPa
YKQ-405-SB 40Mpa 40 ± 5 MP MPa
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