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Isohitech Lubrication is a reliable and trusted manufacturer of high-quality lubrication products, including couplings, manifold distributors, and pipes. With their focus on delivering versatile, reliable, and effective solutions to their customers, Isohitech has established itself as a leader in the industry and a go-to choice for those seeking quality lubrication products.


اتصالات فشرده سازی

اتصالات روانکاری به طور گسترده در بسیاری از مکان ها استفاده می شود، سیستم روانکاری را به هم متصل می کند و نقاط لوب اتصالات فشاری بهترین انتخاب برای هر نوع نصب است. اتصالات فشاری برای نصب در متنوع ترین فرآیندها مناسب هستند و پرکاربردترین اجزای اتصالات پیچی هستند. لوله یا شیلنگ هنگامی که به یک اتصال فشرده می شود توسط یک حلقه برش در جای خود نگه داشته می شود. این اتصالات اغلب با شیلنگ های پلاستیکی، لوله های فلزی یا سیستم های لوله لاستیکی استفاده می شود. اتصالات فشرده سازی ما می تواند برای گریس مرکزی استفاده شود سیستم های روغن کاری، یا برای خطوط تامین روغن چسبناک.

توزیع کنندگان منفولد

ایزوهیتک سیستم روغن کاری می تواند انواع مختلفی از توزیع کنندگان را از فولاد ضد زنگ، فولاد کربنی یا آلومینیوم ماشین آلات کند. فشار کاری می تواند از 60 کیلوگرم تا 60 مگاپاسکال باشد. ما می توانیم هر نوع را ارائه دهیم توزیع کننده روغن کاری که ممکن است به آن نیاز داشته باشید.

توزیع کننده منیفولد
لوله روغن کاری


– Isohitech is a pipe manufacturer of lubrication products, including brass pipes and nylon pipes and hydraulic pipe
– Our pipes are priced competitively, making them an excellent choice for customers who value both quality and cost-effectiveness.
– Made from top-quality materials and constructed with expert craftsmanship, these pipes are engineered to stand up to even the most demanding operating conditions.
– Isohitech’s nylon pipes are a good choie for any machinery if you are seeking a reliable and cost-effective solution for their lubrication needs.

شیلنگ میخ و کوپلینگ

میخ های شیلنگ و کوپلینگ ها به راحتی در زمین تعمیر می شوند و برای شلنگ ها و لوله های فشار قوی مناسب هستند. استانداردهای ایزوهیتک برای شیلنگ های 6 و 8 میلی متری مناسب است. ما هیچ نیاز MOQ برای مواد کربن نداریم، اما برای SS304 یا SS316، ما یک MOQ داریم. می‌توانیم کوپلینگ‌های مستقیم به آرنج را ارائه کنیم.

انتهای شلنگ و گل میخ آن
فشار قفل اتصال

The push and lock fitting is a versatile device that has been designed to provide a solution for a wide range of applications. The fitting has been manufactured from either steel or brass, both of which are known for their durability and strength. The maximum pressure could reach 5Mpa and the thread could be customized.

فشار: 5Mpa
جنس: فولاد یا برنج
M8، M10، M12.

آداپتور و پسوند

Compression fittings are required to properly connect and combine different tubes and hoses with one another, allowing for the creation of tight and robust tube systems.The steel material used in its construction ensures that it can withstand the highest levels of pressure.The thread on the adapter can be customized to meet the specific needs of your application.

مسواک زدن

It is common to use brushes as lubricant applicators in lubrication systems.They are always located at the end of the lubrication line and directly at the lubrication point, The brush are used in many applications, such as chain lubrication, which will keep the chain supple and prevents corrosion.they are an inexpensive and simple.

فیلتر روغن

Our in-line pressure filters come in two sizes and offer 25 and 125 micron filtration. The Aluminum bowl is easy to disassemble for inspection and replacement, and the sintered brown metal elements are corrosion-resistant and effective at removing contaminants.

فیلتر چربی

The grease filter is capable of withstanding up to 25Mpa and is constructed from steel. With a filtration capacity of 150 microns, this filter is highly effective at capturing and removing particles from the grease.

ls grease filter

LS Filter could remove small particles from grease,which could be used in many systems. Cannot handle corrosive liquids. Withstands up to 25MPa working pressure.The system could fix the indicator pin or the switch to witness the working situation.

گیره لوله

Clamps for pipes with a diameter from 4 mm to 10 mm.The material is common steel with zinc-plate in the surface.But for the special corrosive areas, we recommend the stainless steel material.

شیلنگ انعطاف پذیر

The Assembled Hose with Protection Cover is a flexible conduit made up of high-quality materials that ensure durability and resistance to various forms of wear and tear.We could provide the customized length hose assembled based on requirement.The protective cover is also designed to be abrasion-resistant, making it useful in outdoor settings and harsh environments.

پوشش فنری

Coils, protective helixes or corrugated hoses for tube protection with SS304

شیر یکطرفه

A check valve is a type of valve that ensures that fluid flows in one direction only.The purpose of the check valve in the block is to prevent backflow from the outlet to the inlet side of the valve system.

مخزن پلاستیکی

Isohitech Lubrication can provide reservoir tanks for lubrication systems in a range of sizes from 1 liter to 4 liters.In addition to providing standard reservoir tank sizes, Isohitech Lubrication can also design and manufacture custom reservoir tanks to meet the specific needs of individual applications.

آلو مخزن

Casting Alunimum reservoirs can only be used for oil. The reservoirs come in metal designs,which is from 6L to 25L can be equipped with oil level switch. Additionally, it is possible to monitor the minimum or maximum oil level electrically via float switches.

Tapered Sleeve Fitting (3)

آداپتور (7)

نوک پستان را چرب کنید (2)

توزیع کننده منیفولد (3)

Tubes And Hose (2)

کوپلینگ و پسوند
Lubrication Fittings & Accessories

Lubrication fittings play an important role in controlling grease, oil, and other lubricants distribution. As well as these fittings, a variety of accessories protect the applications against dust, debris, and particles.

Lubrication accessories
Accessories:brushes,tubes,reservoirs,brass&steel adapters
Application:single line systems,Dual-line lubrication systems,Progressive lubrication systems,Multi-line lubrication systems,Oil mist lubrication systems.

What's kind of lubrication accessories could be provide?

Isohitech Lubrication offers a wide range of lubrication adapters and fittings, with nearly 90% of their products falling under this category. These fittings are available in a variety of materials ranging from brass to steel, and customers don’t usually have any minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement.

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