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بلوک منیفولد گریس

بلوک منیفولد گریس

The Grease Manifold Block is used to delivery the grease to the different lub points.

djf1000 divider
فشار 16Mpa
تخلیه 0.08~0.48ml/cyc
رسانه 3-18 outlets
djf2000 divider
فشار 25Mpa
تخلیه 0.16~1.12ml/cyc
رسانه 3-20 outlets
فشار 25Mpa
تخلیه 0.4~4.8ml/cyc
رسانه 3-20 outlets
m2500 divider
فشار 25Mpa
تخلیه 0.08~1.28ml/cyc
رسانه 3-20 outlets
ssv divider
فشار 30Mpa
تخلیه 0.25g/cyc
رسانه 3-20 outlets
ihi u divider
فشار 15Mpa
تخلیه 0.3 میلی لیتر در سیکل
رسانه 4/6/8/10/12 outlets
zvb divider
فشار 40Mpa
تخلیه 0.5/1.5/3ml/cyc
رسانه 1-8 outlets
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گریس Fitting Manifold Block
ماده Carbon steel or SS
رسانه 3/6/10 outlets

General FAQ For Grease Manifold Block

What's the material of these grease manifold block?

The usually material is common steel with zinc-plate treatment.If you have special requirement,such as the SS304 or 316,we also could manufacutrer.

The delivery time of the grease manifold block

We usually has enough in stock,it’s usually 3-7 days,we could delivery them.

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