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A damaged grease seal caused by excessive pressure while manually روغن کاری is the most common cause of bearing failure, regardless of whether the equipment is owned or leased. While your equipment is in operation, an سیستم روانکاری اتوماتیک minimizes pressure and provides metered grease to all points.

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نگه داشتن خود را تجهیزات به درستی روغن کاری شده اند will extend its service life and prevent unexpected costs and downtime from occurring. Tired of crawling under or over equipment to service hard-to-reach lubrication points? Our سیستم اتوماتیک این کار را برای شما انجام خواهد داد

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In spite of whether you own or lease the equipment, proper maintenance is essential. Overpressurization while manually greasing is the most common cause of bearing failure. An automatic lubrication system minimizes pressure and provides metered grease to all points while your equipment is in operation.You can extend the life of your equipment and avoid unexpected costly repairs and downtime when all bearings are properly lubricated. Tired of crawling underneath or over equipment to service hard-to-reach lubrication points? Our سیستم اتوماتیک takes care of the work for you.

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سه نوع اصلی از lubrication systems used in machinery and equipment هستند:

1. Mist or Spray Lubrication System: In this type of lubrication system, a mist or spray of fine lubricating oil is generated and directed onto the components requiring lubrication. This is achieved using compressed air or other suitable means to atomize the lubricant into small droplets, which are then delivered to the lubrication points through nozzles or sprayers. Mist or spray lubrication سیستم های are commonly used in applications where precise lubricant delivery and cooling are required, such as in large industrial machinery or high-speed rotating equipment.

2. Circulating or سیستم روانکاری متمرکز: These lubrication systems are designed to distribute lubricant continuously to various parts of the machine or equipment through a network of pipes or tubes. A centralized lubrication سیستم typically consists of a central reservoir or pump that delivers lubricating oil or grease to different points in the machinery, either by gravity or under pressure. This system ensures that lubricant is supplied to critical areas at specified intervals, allowing for consistent lubrication. Circulating or سیستم های روانکاری متمرکز are commonly used in large-scale industrial applications, such as in heavy machinery, power plants, or production lines.

3. Manual or Point-by-Point سیستم روغن کاری: This type of lubrication system involves manual application of lubricant to specific lubrication points or surfaces of the machine or equipment. It typically requires the use of tools such as grease guns, oil cans, brushes, or applicators to apply the lubricant. Manual lubrication systems are suitable for smaller machinery or equipment with fewer lubrication points or when precise control over lubricant application is required. They are commonly used in automotive maintenance, small-scale machinery, or equipment with easily accessible lubrication points.

انتخاب از سیستم روغن کاری depends on factors such as the size and complexity of the machinery, the number of lubrication points, the lubricant type, the operating conditions, and the specific requirements of the application. Proper lubrication system design and maintenance are essential for ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of machinery and equipment.

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