عنصر پمپ کار نمی کند - نحوه عیب یابی

توضیحات عنصر پمپ
The pump element in a grease pump is responsible for creating pressure and moving the lubricant from the reservoir to the lubrication point. The pump element typically consists of an inlet, outlet, piston, and check valves.
When the pump is activated, the piston moves forward and creates a vacuum that draws grease through the inlet valve, into the pumping chamber, and past the outlet valve.
As the piston continues to move forward, the outlet valve closes, and the گریس is forced out of the chamber and through the outlet port.As the piston moves back to its original position, the outlet valve opens, and the inlet valve closes, allowing the chamber to refill with grease. This process repeats itself, creating a consistent flow of روغن to the lubrication point.
اثربخشی عنصر پمپ depends on several factors, including the size and shape of the piston, the design of the check valves, the viscosity of the grease, and the pressure required at the lubrication point.
به طور کلی، عنصر پمپ plays a critical role in maintaining machine performance and reliability by ensuring that the lubrication system delivers the right amount of lubricant to the right place at the right time.

عیب یابی

No Grease Come Out

The Motor Isn't Woking

Check the Power Suppler and The Situation Of the Motor,Please change the motor.

The Motor Rotate Direction Isn't Right

If the pump operates for nearly 20mins and lose the pump element finds no grease coming out, please consider the direction of the motor. In general, the problem always occurs the پمپ گریس doesn’t have a controller. But روغن کاری ایزوهیتک always marked the red and blue in the wire to indicate the positive and negative. 

There's Air In The System

The problem always happens to add new grease. We always suggest adding grease from the bottom through the grease nipple. The oldest grease pump didn’t have a cover on the reservoir and then found it difficult to check the working station in the plant, So more and more brands started to make a cover for easy checking.
So most operators will add the grease from the top. If this problem happed,just drop some oil or thin grease inside to check again.In isohitech experience,90% could be solved.

No Pressure: the grease can't push to the lube points.

The pipes are leakage

Please check all connections or couplings of the pipes in the system. 

The pump element is broken

In our experience from the service department, the most problem is from the dirty روغن, mixed with burrs. The شیر یکطرفه can’t seat back 100% well to the bottom. So in the plant, we usually washed in first. In general, the body of the pump element isn’t easily broken, because there is body is a process via temper and not easy broken in a short time.

If you have any questions about the pump element, you could send us an email.

Thanks for the Lincoln SKF and he takes a clear تصویری to teach us how to maintenance the pump element.

This is the right way to add the grease.

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